Radiant Made Simple 230V, 40 amp with 7kW SEISCO Electric Heater


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Radiant Made Simple Radiant Heat Systems provides an energy efficient, Do-It-Yourself solution, for heating a single zone: basements, garage, home additions, green house or remodeling projects. This 230V, 40 Amp product provides everything you need to install radiant floor heating. Efficiency approaches 99%!

Radiant heating keeps warmth near the floor. It is quiet, clean, and healthy as it avoids combustion gases and the circulation of dust or allergens.

The kit includes the following: SEISCO Electric Heater, circulating pump, manifold with valves, bladder tank, thermostat, single pump control relay, pressure/temperature gauge, air bleed, fill and purge valves, overflow tube, fill and purge pump, crimp tool, crimp rings and easy to follow instructions for installing, filling the system with fluid and purging the system of air. Factory pressure tested.

The following items will be required: insulation, 1/2" ANSI PEX tubing, RV antifreeze.