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Why Install Radiant Heated Floors?

Installing radiant heating under a new floor brings you comfort from the floor up. Radiant floor heat is the most comfortable heat available. Warmth radiates from the floor warming our bodies and the objects surrounding us. The radiant heat energy that we pay for rises from the floor to the ceiling instead of being blown in from the ceiling and staying up by the ceiling as with forced air heat, escaping through the ceiling or through open doors.
Radiant floor heating doesn’t circulate dust and other allergens like forced air does so it keeps your air clean.
Our floor heating products are tested for quality and safety.
Saves Energy
Radiant heating has higher levels of energy efficiency than central air systems because it heats the people and objects in the room directly via infrared heat. Radiant heated floors are also inexpensive to operate, you can heat a typical bathroom for pennies a day. 
You decide, depending on your electric rate. Generally, electric rate increases have not approached the continuing steep rise in propane, natural gas, and fuel oil prices. Examples: If electricity costs you 5¢ per kWh it would compare to propane at 81¢ per gallon, natural gas at 88¢ per Therm or fuel oil at $1.13 per gallon. Or, if you pay 8¢ per kWh for electricity it compares to propane at $1.29 per gallon, natural gas at $1.41 per Therm or fuel oil at $1.80 per gallon.

Efficient Radiant Floor Heat Systems


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