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HRC is a multi-zone in-floor radiant heat system intended primarily for professional contractors.

HRC can be configured with separate zone valves to maintain multiple rooms on multiple levels at different temperatures.  HRC has the simplicity and reliability of one pump.  When the thermostat in one zone calls for heat the boiler starts heating the water/antifreeze solution, the zone valve opens, and the pump starts to circulate water through the in floor tubing in that zone.  As thermostats in other zones call for heat the corresponding zone valve opens and the system continues to run until all zones have satisfied their call for heat.

All models have fully modulating boilers and outdoor temp sensors so you only use as much energy as you need to heat the space.  On colder days the boiler will energize more heating elements.  On warmer days the boiler will automatically turn elements on or off to maintain an even temperature in the space.  For colder climates and higher heat losses a larger boiler may be desired for faster recovery.

The HRC system is designed for use with 1/2" PEX tubing (sold separately). Tubing must be installed at the time the concrete floor is poured. See HRC Installation and Operations manual for details on floor construction and tubing spacing.  The HRC package is mounted to a rugged vacuum formed ABS base.  The base has integrated mounting recess that make it easy to mount the base to the wall on

16" spacing or any suitable vertical mount you have available.  All components mounted to the base are plumbed with 1" copper tubing or higher flow and most joints feature press fittings for consistent, leak-free connections.

Each HRC unit comes fully assembled and factory pressure tested.  The installation instructions walk you through the process, step-by-step, of connecting the tubing, filling the piping and purging the system of air.  Electrical connection details are also provided.

Each HRC package includes the following:

  • Fully modulating electric boiler with stainless steel tank and press/temp gauge

  • Automatic air scoop

  • Circulating pump

  • Purger and fill valve

  • Expansion tank

  • Pressure relief valve

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