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RMS - What is it?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Can you imagine living in a cold place without using a heater? Just picture yourself in your house or workspace and you cannot get the comfort of being in a heated space. Can you imagine yourself after a year without a heating system? As you analyze every word in this article you will calmly feel a sense of warmth.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your family can get a comfortable feeling of being warm in the coldest nights of the year? Have you noticed yet that it is your responsibility to be the provider of such comfort? The RMS unit is that comfort.

What RMS stands for?

The RMS is a pre-assembled radiant floor heater designed in a way that the heat will spread evenly on the entire space hooked to it. The further and further you read into the article the more you will realize that our single-zone heating system gets real results.

And as you start thinking about the installation process, you will be amazed about how easy it is to install. You can install it even if you have no experience.

How the RMS works?

You will get the heat you wish, because of our advanced system that detects any change in temperature and adjusts to keep it a constant temp in an enclosed space. You will also get a built-in outdoor temperature sensor and a fully modulating boiler to keep the energy consumption to the minimum and guaranty that the heat in a room will spread evenly.

The boiler will boil water and the pump will move it throughout the pipes in the flooring (1/2" PEX tubing must be installed at the time the concrete floor is poured), the hot water in those pipes will heat all the space you desire.

How to install?

What if you can install it by following the instruction? The RMS is equipped with “integrated mounting recessed”, it could be installed to any vertical mount you have available. The instructions will guide you in your journey step by step. From connecting the tubing to purging the system from air, also electrical connection details are provided.

What you will get

· Fully modulating electric boiler with stainless steel tank and press/temp gauge

· Circulation pump

· Expansion tank

· Automatic air scoop

· Purge and fill valve

· Pressure relief valve

· 5 ports PEX manifolds

· Thermostat

The RMS is easy to install - YOU can do it yourself. What are YOU waiting for? Get your RMS unit today and have the warmth and comfort you've been wishing for.

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