5/8" PEX Tubing, 500ft Red


PEX tubing is used for residential & commercial hot and cold water plumbing applications. This product may also be used for open loop radiant floor heat systems to distribute water temperature between: 40℃ to 95℃. PEX tubing is easy to install and its flexibility is great for your radiant floor heat project.

5/8" Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing, 500ft Red

SKU: W1Z-004
  • Maintenance

    There is little regular maintenance required. During the summer months, be sure to set your thermostat to a low setting or turn off the circuit breaker to prevent the system from heating the floor at the same time you are trying to cool the house. It is a good idea to turn the sys-tem on a couple times during the summer for 5 minutes to exercise the circulating pump. The pressure gauge should be checked periodically to make sure the system maintains a minimum of 15 PSI. If not, 23% antifreeze mixture needs to be added to adjust the system pressure and the system checked for leaks. (See Filling and Purging Section.) We recommend retightening the manifold fittings by hand when the system is fully warmed up. You should not have to add to this system regularly. If you hear gurglin