RMS 3 kW Assembled Panel w/Thermolec B-3TMB Boiler

$2,699.00 Regular Price
$2,425.00Sale Price

RMS Electric Boiler Panels

Radiant Made Simple (RMS) Pre-Plumbed Panels are professionally engineered, manufactured and pressure-tested. Each panel comes complete with boiler, expansion tank, air scoop, pressure relief valve, 5 port manifold, 3-speed pump and easy to follow instructions. Panels are designed around the reliable Thermolec TMB electric boiler with H Stamp.   Choose from four boiler sizes and a variety of manifold options. All components are securely attached to a rugged ABS plastic panel, ready to be mounted and connected to your hydronic heating system. Panel size comes in a compact design, measure 28" wide x 35" high x 9-7/8" deep. RMS Pre-Plumbed Panels are an excellent value and problem-solver. They will enhance the appearance of your installation while decreasing the labor and expense required to complete your radiant project.  


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Full modulation for precise BTU demand output
  • Aquastat control -- adjustable supply water temperature range up to 190°F
  • Outdoor reset control
  • 30 psi pressure relief valve
  • No venting required 

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