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INTRODUCING: RMS - Radiant Floor Heating System



Compact Size Flexible with Sizes from 3 to 11 kW Pressure Tested to Eliminate Call Backs Temperature Range up to 190° F Fully Modulating Stainless Steel Tank Low Pumping Resistance Load Management Control Connections Redundant Safety Features ASME H Stamp and CSA Approved RMS Panel and Components – 2 Year Warranty


FIVE SIMPLE STEPS: 1. Mount the RMS Panel on the wall 2. Connect to the radiant floor loops 3. Wire the Thermolec Boiler, Pump & Thermostat 4. Flush, Fill & Purge then add Antifreeze 5. Turn it on and enjoy warm radiant floors!

Radiant Center Includes: • Thermolec Electric Boiler • Circulating Pump • Bladder Tank • Pressure Temperature Gauge • Air Eliminator • Thick ABS Panel

Every Radiant Center is factory leak tested and shipped fully assembled.

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