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Radiant Floor Heating Can Transform Your Home

Updated: May 17, 2022

Radiant Floor Heating Can Transform Your Home

Radiant Floor Heating Can Transform Your Home

Are you thinking of installing radiant floor heating at home? Well, you’re certainly not alone. More homeowners than ever before are transforming their homes and adding underfloor heating. Able to add value to a property and provide a comforting warmth underfoot, here are the main benefits of carrying out this affordable DIY home improvement.

Radiant Floor Heating Adds Value To Your Home

These days buyers are always on the lookout for homes that offer energy-efficient solutions and smart design to maximize space. This is why installing radiant floor heating throughout your home can attract buyers in the future, should you wish to sell. Knowing that the property will cost less to heat up since it has radiant heating, will always work in your favor as a seller. And rather than have bulky radiators that take up precious space in a room, a radiant floor heating layout will always be out of sight and out of mind. Which can help make your home look far bigger and more spacious, which of course is always a bonus for buyers.

Radiant Floor Heating Adds Value To Your Home

Modern Home Office Design

With more people now working from home, due to the global pandemic and ongoing travel restrictions home offices are becoming more popular. But, there is nothing worse than working at a desk in your basement or kitchen and feeling cold and uncomfortable. While a radiator might keep your upper body warm, your lower legs and feet will feel the chill, which is where underfloor heating comes in! Make your work-from-home environment a more comfortable place to be and improve your productivity too, since you’ll no longer be distracted trying to keep your feet warm.

Easy To Install In Any Room

Another reason why underfloor heating is gaining popularity across the country is that it's fairly easy to install, and in any room, you choose to have it. Whether it be in your living room, in a basement, or in your bathroom, radiant heating can be installed with some initial guidance and advice from our team. And if you’re used to DIY projects, this shouldn’t phase you! Plus, if you do need extra help and support, our experts are always here to help. In fact, our radiant floor heating system comes with a pre-engineered all-on-one panel to speed up the job!

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Ideal For Basement Gyms & Wet Rooms

Stepping onto a cold tiled floor is not a nice experience, especially if you’ve just enjoyed a warm bubble bath. This is why radiant floor heating is so popular for bathroom renovation projects. And the same applies to basement gyms. Suppose you invest in a high-quality home gym with a sauna in your basement, but after feeling the steam relax your muscles, you have to walk on a cold basement floor. Almost instantly the relaxing feeling has gone, right! Now reimagine the scenario but this time you step onto a warm clean floor, where the heat from the floor comforts the soles of your feet. There really is no better feeling!

Safer Than Log Burners Or Radiators

Last, let’s talk safety. A log burner is a wonderful addition to any home and can really add character, but is it safe for a home with young children or pets? Are traditional radiators that are left to get very hot in order to warm the entire home the best choice for a busy family environment? No! Both can increase accidents at home, which is why more families across the country are choosing to install radiant floor heating instead. Since the heating goes under the floorboards or tiles, it won’t be able to burn and injure loved ones and pets.

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